The HackBook

The HackBook is finally here… and it’s FREE!

The HackBook is a free Android app offering more than 50 of the most reliable step-by-step hacking tutorials for users of all skill levels. Get over to the Google Play store and download your copy of the HackBook while it’s still free.

Google Play Store

Some popular HackBook tutorials include, how to:

  • Crack a Gmail, Hotmail, and Microsoft Live password
  • Perform a DoS attack
  • Crack WEP and WPA/WPA 2 encryption
  • Crack a Mac OS X administrator account password
  • Sniff usernames and passwords
  • Eavesdrop on VoIP phone calls
  • Install BackTrack 5 on an Android device
  • Perform a phishing attack over a LAN and a WAN
  • Crack a password-protected zip file
  • War drive with an Android device
  • Install BackTrack 5 on a virtual machine
  • Create a wordlist or dictionary file

Unlike other hacking tutorials and references apps, the HackBook provides a list of prerequisites at the beginning of each tutorial so you don’t have to question whether or not you’re equipped to complete a tutorial.


  • Dozens of video tutorials and written tutorials
  • Useful resources and guides for beginners
  • An easy-to-use Linux command dictionary and terminology guide
  • Get notified when a new tutorial or guide is added to the HackBook
  • Stay connected with the HackBook and its author through built-in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress
  • Submit feedback and tutorial requests from within the app
  • Download HD wallpapers and images from the photo gallery

One thought on “The HackBook

  1. Chris,
    Could I pay you ($50-$100)to fix my error that I’m experiencing while using yamas. I’m using a MacBook Pro and using VMware to run backtrack on.
    The install of yamas was simple enough with your tutorial, and I have tried running yamas in BT5 and BT5r3. But i can’t seem to get the sslstrip to run, for I’m getting an error, ” ‘chmod: cannot access ‘/usr/share/sslstrip/’ ” and in the password box I get another error on the temp file that yamas produce though sslstrip(at least I think that is right). Which makes me think that my sslstrip isn’t installed correctly.
    I’m trying to do a demo at work with yamas next week, and it’s worth it for me to pay someone to help me to resolve this problem. Can and will you help me with this problem for a payment for your services.
    William Prince

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